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   Every Sunday, Julie would take the dogs she cared  for on a hike and subsequently post an inspirational Facebook status afterwards. Soon her followers began to expect her motivational words, and by 9:30 on a Sunday morning she was getting messages from people asking where ‘dog church’ was. There was a subtle need for those inspirational stories, and people wanted to know about it. With a need for dog church to happen, Julie set out on a mission to complete an entire years worth of entries, and those 53 Sunday morning stories are what make up Dog Church. 

    Soon this idea outgrew her Facebook platform, and she moved her writings over to a Wordpress site. Dog Church continued to grow on Wordpress, but it wasn’t until Darlene Hurley printed eleven of the stories out on paper to one day inspire Julie to write a book. The idea for the book came from the people, she never saw herself as a writer but was happy that her work was bringing joy to others. Before you know it, her Dog Church idea went from simple Facebook statuses to full on publication.


If unconditional love is the lesson we are here to learn, then dogs are our greatest teachers.
— Julie Castaneda

About The Author

Originally from Glendale California, Julie Castaneda has called Northeastern Kansas her home for over 35 years. In March of 1999, she and her husband Phil  founded Dog Day Afternoon, a doggy daycare and boarding service in Topeka, KS.

Julie is first and foremost a wife, mother and self-proclaimed graduate from The School Of Hard Knocks. She is an award winning entrepreneur, an inspirational public speaker and an influential leader in the pet care industry. 

Julie offers a unique style in story telling, making her personal experiences in life and love relatable to audiences of all ages. 

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